The ticket queue is designed to offer better control over what you and others are working on today or over the next week. A user may have many, many tickets assigned to them, but in many cases, the user is not necessarily going to work on every single one of those tickets today or even this week.

First lets discuss the ways in which a ticket can be added to your Queue:

  1. A user can click the Enqueue/Dequeue button at the top of a ticket in the Ticket Detail window.
  2. From the My Tickets grid, there are two options for Queueing a ticket. The first way is to click the icon on the grid inline of the ticket, and the other is to choose the Queue option by expanding down the “More” menu. You can also select multiple tickets at a time to perform these actions.
  3. Any user (especially a Supervisor) can view and manage Queue’s for all users from the User Section.
  4. Ticket Automation can be configured to Enqueue/Dequeue a ticket.
  5. Any user can add a ticket to their own, or someone else’s queue from the Ticket Detail window.

The image below shows what the queue looks like when you have tickets in your queue. Closed tickets appear in your Queue with strikethrough text. You may remove closed, or any tickets, from your Queue by toggling the Queue button on the ticket. If the ticket is assigned to a different user, it will be displayed in italics.

Note that the Queue tab has the same behavior as other tabs in the My Tickets section. However, you are able to prioritize your Queue tickets. You can do this by dragging and dropping the ticket in the preferred order using the “Prioritize” icon inline of the ticket:

You can add/remove/view which users have a specific ticket in their Queue from the Ticket Detail window. If you mouse over the users name, additional information is displayed. Clicking on the users name will take you to the Users section.

Want to see what tickets are in someone else’s queue? Go to the Users section and click on their Queue tab.

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