There are several components to Setup Agent Ratings.

  1. Ticket Status: You must have at least one Ticket Status which closes tickets and sends a Closed Email
  2. Email Template: The “Ticket Closed” Email Template must be setup properly
  3. Rating Tab: There are several options in the ratings tab which you may need to configure
  4. Embed on your Website (Optional): You may optionally embed your ratings page into your website using an iframe.

Ticket Status

TeamSupport will send out an email which asks your customers for feedback when you choose specific closed statuses. For example: you can have a status called “First Call Resolution” and “Closed-Rating” both of which close the ticket and ask your customer for feedback. You can have additional statuses that close the ticket which do not ask for feedback.

There are two settings required to setup a status for ratings: “Is Closed” and “Send Closed Email”. The status named “Closed” in the screenshot below is an example of this setup:

Click here to learn more about Ticket Statuses.

Email Template

The email template that is used to send the ratings is called “Ticket Closed”. You can find this going to Admin->Email-> Email Templates section.

Here is the default code for the “Ticket Closed” email template:

The following ticket has been closed, but if you feel it is not resolved, replying to this email will reopen it.  
<br />
<br />
<font size="3"><strong>Ticket History</strong></font>
<br />
<br />
<br />
<center><font size="5"><strong>Please tell us how we did!</strong></font>
<br />
<br />
{{AgentRatingsImageLink.Positive}} &nbsp;&nbsp;{{AgentRatingsImageLink.Neutral}} &nbsp;&nbsp;{{AgentRatingsImageLink.Negative}}</center>
<br />
<br />

Click here to learn more about Email Templates.

Agent Rating Tab

The Rating Tab can be found at Admin->My Company-> Agent Rating tab. Default values are provided for icons and messaging. Click here to learn about configuring these settings.

Embed in your Website

You may optionally embed your Ratings page into an iframe on your website. This will provide your customers with a more integrated experience with your website. If you choose not to embed your ratings in an iframe on your website, you may use the default page which does not require any further configuration. Click here for more information on how to embed your Ratings page into an iframe on your website.

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