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 <div id="form-views" ui-view>
    <div ncy-breadcrumb></div>
    <div class="row row-centered">
        <div class="col-sm-12" ng-repeat="Category in KnowledgeBaseCategories">
            <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-11 col-md-10 col-lg-9 col-centered">
                <div class="panel panel-default" style="padding: 0px 15px 15px 15px;">
                    <h2 class="MainCategoryName text-center">
                        <a href="/knowledgeBase/category/{{Category.CategoryID}}">

                    <div class="row SubCategorySection">
                        <div class="col-sm-6" ng-repeat="SubCategory in Category.SubCategories">
                            <h5 class="CategoryName">
                                <a href="/knowledgeBase/category/{{Category.CategoryID}}/subcategory/{{SubCategory.CategoryID}}">{{SubCategory.CategoryName}} ({{SubCategory.Articles.length}})</a>
                            <a href="/knowledgeBase/{{Article.ArticleID}}" class="center-block articleName" ng-repeat="Article in SubCategory.Articles | limitTo:limit" ng-bind-html="Article.ArticleName"></a>
                            <div ng-if="SubCategory.Articles.length > limit" style="margin-top:6px;">
                                <a href="/knowledgeBase/category/{{Category.CategoryID}}/subcategory/{{SubCategory.CategoryID}}">View More <i class="fa fa-hand-o-right"></i></a>
                        <div class="col-sm-6" ng-if="Category.Articles.length > 0">
                            <a href="/knowledgeBase/{{Article.ArticleID}}" class="center-block articleName" ng-repeat="Article in Category.Articles" ng-bind-html="Article.ArticleName"></a>


.CategoryName {
	border-bottom: 1px solid #eee;
	margin-top: 20px;
	padding-bottom: 10px;

.SubCategorySection {

.articleName {
    padding-top: 8px;

.MainCategoryName > a,
.CategoryName > a {


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