TeamSupport has native integration with 37 Signal’s Highrise CRM system so that company and contact information can by synced from Highrise to TeamSupport, and ticket information can be sent back to Highrise.

Setting up the integration is very straightforward and only requires a couple of steps:

1. Log into your Highrise account and navigate to “My Info” in the upper right hand corner.

2. Click the “Reveal Authentication Token” link, then copy and paste the token which is displayed.

Note: The authentication token is unique to each user in Highrise. When the integration service adds a note with ticket information back to Highrise, it will tag that note with the name of the user whose authentication token is used. We suggest that you create a “TeamSupport” user in Highrise then use that user’s authentication token in TeamSupport.

3. Log into TeamSupport and navigate to the Admin section (note that you must have administrator privileges), then Integration. Expand the Highrise section – You should see a screen like the one below:

4. In the “Authentication Token” section paste the Highrise authentication token from step 2, then paste it again into the “Confirm Authentication Token” text box.

5. When you log into Highrise, you have a company name which comes before the “” URL. This company name is what you should enter into the “Highrise Company Name” box. For example, if your Highrise login is “” then you should enter “ABC123” (without the quote marks) into this field.
p(banner important). Please make sure there are NO SPACES in this field!

6. The “Tag which identifies customer” field allows you to select the text you will use in Highrise to mark which companies are customers. Generally people use “Customer”, but you can change this to whatever you want. Please note that capitalization does matter here, so “customer” is not the same as “Customer”.

7. Check the “Sync Active” button. The first synchronization will start after 15 minutes. The next cycle will begin no sooner than 15 minutes. The timing of each subsequent cycle depends on it’s place in the queue, which is affected by the number of other items that require processing. Typically the timing of the cycles range from 15 – 60 minutes.

Give portal access to customers imported
Setting this option will automatically allow every imported contact to access your secure Customer Hub.

Send welcome email to imported contacts
When a new contact is added and given Customer Hub access, TeamSupport can automatically send each customer a welcome email that contains a link to your Hub, their user name and a temporary password. The Welcome email can be customized by editing the email templates here.

The Integration in Action

Once you’ve followed the steps above, your integration should be active. Now you can go into Highrise and tag a company with the name you entered in step 6 above. It will take about 15 minutes, but that customer – and all of their contact information, including people associated with that company – should come across to TeamSupport and be visible in the Customers section.

When you create a new ticket and associate it with a linked company, a note will appear in the Highrise account with a link to the ticket in TeamSupport.

A Few Integration Notes

There are a few things which are worth mentioning:

  • Company and Contact information is only synced from Highrise to TeamSupport, not the other way around. If a change is made to a linked contact in TeamSupport, it will be wiped out the next time the integration service runs.
  • You can only tag companies in Highrise with the TeamSupport customer tag (see step 6 above). If you tag a person with this tag, it will break the integration.
  • The integration service will take a few minutes to update information. Please wait at least 15 minutes for data to propagate from Highrise to TeamSupport.

Fields we are mapping from Highrise:



Still Need Help?

As always, if you have any problems or need help with the integration, please give us a call or drop us a line!

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