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TeamSupport gives Enterprise Customers the ability to add a Custom Widget to the Ticket page. This option allows you to add custom code that will appear as a widget, or plugin, on the right hand side of your ticket. For example, you may choose to display data from within TeamSupport, or from an external 3rd Party system.

In their simplest use, Widgets allow you to place straight text, or formatted HTML/CSS text, on the right side of the New Ticket or Ticket page. This can be used to easily add data from other locations of TeamSupport that aren’t natively supported by our ticket page customization.

You can also use more advanced logic by utilizing JavaScript. JavaScript is a ‘client side’ (ie it’s run on your browser, not on TeamSupport’s servers) language which is supported by all modern browsers and is easy to write and debug. Some basic uses for JavaScript would be to format the text that you are displaying (for example, if you display the CDI, color code it Red if it’s above a certain value), or do display an alert box on the page if certain thresholds are met.

More advanced used of JavaScript could allow you to pull data from third party systems and display it on the ticket page. For example, if you store the “Customer ID” in TeamSupport and have an accounting system, you could write a Widget which queries the accounting system for the customer’s balance due and display that on the ticket page if it’s greater than $0. Another idea would be to pull customer satisfaction data (NPS score or other metrics) from a customer success system and display that.

It’s also important to understand that a Widget doesn’t have to display anything at all on the ticket page but can instead be used for writing data to another system.

The potential for Widgets is almost unlimited and we’re excited to see what you can develop! We have created a new Community section where you can share Widgets that you create.

Here are some additional Widget ideas:

  • Display TeamSupport’s CDI under to the Customer Name * Note that we have a tutorial in our Community section which shows how to do this.
  • Display Custom Fields from the Customer section of TeamSupport
  • Display a Customer Number that is used in a 3rd Party system
  • Show whether the Customer is currently logged into your website
  • If you have a tool that pulls system statistics from your Customers machines, you can display it alongside the Customer Name
  • Create links that would open the Customer record in your CRM system

Adding a Widget

To add a Widget, click Admin->My Company->Ticket Page Order tab. The “Add Custom Widget Button” is found in the “Available Fields for Ticket Page” section.

When you click this button, the following screen will appear:

  • Name: Enter a name for your Widget. This field is required.
  • Widget Code: Enter your Widget code here.
  • Cancel: You may cancel and return the previous screen without saving by clicking the cancel button.
  • Save: Click the Save button to save your widget. Read below for addition information on managing your Widget.
  • Delete: You may permanently delete your Widget. Please note, you can effectively disable your Widget by moving it out of view. Read below for addition information on managing your Widget.
  • Preview: This pane allows you to preview your Widget.
    • Sample Ticket: Enter a sample ticket number that you would like to run your Widget against.
    • Refresh Preview: Click this button to refresh the Preview pane. This is useful if you have updated your code, or if you expect underlying data to have changed.
  • Placeholders: Throughout TeamSupport we have Placeholder values which allows you to access dynamic data in your account. The available Placeholders for Ticket Widgets are displayed at the bottom of the edit Widget screen. They include common Ticket, Customer, and Contact fields. To insert a Placeholder, move your cursor to where you wish the Placeholder to be added. Next, click the Placeholder you are interested in, and it will be added after your cursor position.

Managing your Ticket Widget

Once you click “Save”, you will be sent back to the Ticket Page Order screen. You will find your Widget at the bottom of the “New Ticket Page” section.

  • Edit: Click the pencil icon to the right of your Widget to make any changes as necessary.
  • Move: Drag and drop the button to the left of your Widget to move it to any position you would like. You may also move it down to the “Available Fields for Ticket Page” section if you would like to remove it from view.

Additional Resources

Please click here to access a tutorial in our Community Forum on how to display the CDI as a widget in TeamSupport.

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