How it works – High Level:

When your customer (or anyone) sends emails to your address, it will create a new ticket. The sender will get an auto reply confirming receipt, and your team will get an email letting them know a new ticket has been created, by who, and what they had to say.

When your customer or team members get the confirmation email, the Ticket number will be in brackets in the subject line. This is how we know which ticket to update when someone replies to the email. When someone replies to these confirmation/update emails generated from your account, their reply will be added as a new Action on the ticket in question.


To setup the Email integration, you will need to go to the Admin -> Email tab.

Simply forward your companies support address (or another departmental/group email address) to the “System Email Address” in your account shown in the screenshot below. When emails are received, they will either create new tickets, or update existing tickets.

Place your company address that you forwarded into the “Organization Reply To Address”. That way, when TeamSupport sends emails, it will insert your address on the FROM line and complete the loop.

Other Considerations

Tagging Emails

  • [Ticket Number] – When TeamSupport sends emails about a ticket, it will include the ticket name and the ticket number in brackets on the subject line. As long as the ticket number in brackets remain in the subject line – when you or your customer replies to that email, it will add their email as a new action/comment to the ticket.
  • [PVT] – If you want to send an email to an existing ticket but you want it to be private – meaning your customer will not get an update email as a result of your update, simply add [pvt] to the subject line or anywhere inside the body of the email.
  • [CLOSED] – If you want to close a ticket with an email, add the keyword [closed] to the subject line or anywhere inside the body of the email.

E-mail attachments are automatically extracted from the e-mail and added as attachments to the ticket actions. If you add an attachment to a ticket action, and the ticket is visible to customers, the email your end user receives will contain both your message and the attached file(s) in the action.

Emails that go out to your customers
Emails are sent to your customers when tickets and actions are marked “visible to customers”. These emails run on a 2 minute timer – which starts 2 minutes after the last change was made to the ticket. This allows you to make various changes and avoid sending your customer multiple updates.

When you change the status of a ticket, an email is sent (this is an on/off switch under Admin->My Company). When you add an action that is visible to customers, an email is sent.

You will notice when looking at the actions a Private/Public flag. You can toggle this flag to mark the action visible to customers without having to edit the action.

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