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Ticket Queue

The ticket queue is designed to offer better control over what you and others are working on today or over the next week.  A user may have many, many tickets under My Tickets, but in many cases, the user is not necessarily going to work on every single one of those tickets today or even this week.

Add a ticket to your queue:
Within any grid, you will see a button labeled Enqueue.  Just select the ticket in the grid and click this button to add a ticket to your queue.

The image below shows what the queue looks like when you have tickets in your queue.  

Tip:  You can drag and drop queued tickets to reposition them at anytime.


1.  Clicking the green "up" arrow will move a ticket to the top of your queue.

2.  Clicking the blue folder will open the ticket into a tab for editing.

3.  Clicking the red X will remove the ticket from your queue.

4.  Notice ticket 91.  Because it is assigned to someone else, the font and background is different.  This easily displays there is an open ticket that is assigned to someone else in your queue.

5.  Ticket 94 is in a "closed" status and as such has a strike through.  This makes removing closed tickets from your queue easy.

Want to see what tickets are in someone else's queue?  Go to the Users section and click on their Queue tab.

Important note: While anyone can add a ticket to someone's queue, only the ticket owner or a system admin can remove or reposition a ticket in someone else's queue.

To add a ticket to someone else's queue, click the Add Ticket link shown in the above screen shot.

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